Merchant services is one of the largest expenses faced by most businesses.

Your business depends on the revenue you collect through payment processing, so you need a partner that you can trust.  At Integrity Payment Solutions, our obsession with transparency is abundantly clear in our pricing structure.  We only use interchange+ pricing and we fully disclose our markup on the monthly statement, both as a percentage and as a dollar figure.  This means our clients know exactly how much revenue we generate from servicing their accounts.

Our standard markup is 0.50% and 10 cents per transaction on top of interchange.  That means we’re going to generate roughly $50 in revenue for every $10,000 that our clients process.  We can offer discounts for merchants with high(er) volume.

No Contracts

Integrity Payment Solutions is leading the way with a new way of doing business – we do not require contracts. Contracts are becoming a thing of the past. Don’t let your current processor or bank lock you into this kind of relationship. If they are, there must be a reason and it’s likely not a good one.

No Expensive Equipment

Are you tired of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your credit card machine? Well you should be. With Integrity Payment Solutions, we offer our exclusive free terminal swap program for all our businesses.

No Rate Increases

Changing the way payments are done. Unlike most, if not all of our competitors, Integrity Payment Solutions guarantees to never increase the fees we charge for your processing. You no longer have to renegotiate your ever increasing bill every few years or get locked into unfair rates. Finally it's time you pay a fair rate forever.